Welcome to Little Debbie’s Kitchen! I am so happy to be able to finally have a place to share my recipes and stories with everyone. I hope that my blog will inspire others to also go after their own passion in life, whatever that may be.

I decided to start this blog after seeing how many people needed help with learning how to cook for their families and themselves. I myself did not know how to scramble an egg a couple of years ago and have now come a very long way since then. Like many millions of others in the world, I have to live gluten-free which inspired me to learn to cook for myself and my family. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in 2010 after suffering for several years in pain. My stomach ached all the time, and I could barely move without hurting. At my lowest point I was only able to drink ensure drinks as that was the only thing my stomach could handle and even though’s would make me sick. Doctors ordered one medical test after another, and none of them yielded answers. No one understood why I was so ill. It started to feel like I would never be well. After all those tests, and no answers, I started to despair. It was during a trip to New York to see my family that I realized that I may have an allergy to gluten after hearing my cousin talk about his symptoms and how great he felt from cutting gluten out of his diet. As soon as I got home from my trip I decided to see what would happen if I didn’t eat any gluten or wheat for 1 month. After just 3 days I was 100 percent better and didn’t feel sick at all. I was officially diagnosed with celiac several months later after my doctor finally agreed to give me the blood test. Being diagnosed with celiac changed my life, in ways that I could never stop listing. Now, I am no longer low energy, prone to falling ill, or depressed. Now, I am alive and healthy again. I’m not the only one who had to fight her way through the medical system to receive the correct diagnosis and become healthy for the first time in many years. Americans have to wait an average of 11 years, and many doctors, before finally being diagnosed. It is estimated that 1 out of 100 Americans has celiac disease. Only 3% of us have been diagnosed. We have to change this.

I hope that my blog will not only bring awareness to celiac disease but also help people who may be in the same situation that I was in, lost and confused. I also hope that my blog will help families learn to cook healthier and happier. Food should be fun to cook and I hope to be able to show you how!! So, join me in my slow cooking madness and be prepared to have a lot of fun!


Little Debbie



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  1. OMG! I remember that trip like it was yesterday! You were miserable and not your usually fun loving self… I’m so glad you feel and look so much better!

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