Cream Cheese, Sausage, and Rotel Dip


I have come to the conclusion that I am officially obsessed with dips right now. I think it is simply amazing to throw a few different things in the slow cooker and come out with a fantastic tasting dip. This is definitely one of my favorite dips. The taste really couldn’t be any better. I think this dip is a must make for your next party! I guarantee every last bite will be gone!


  • 1 pound turkey sausage, browned and drained
  • 1 (8-ounce) block cream cheese
  • 1 (10-ounce) can tomatoes and green chilies (Rotel), drained

Directions: Use a 2-quart slow cooker. Put the chopped sausage into the stoneware, and add the cream cheese. Add the tomatoes and chilies. Cover and cook on low for about 90 minutes, or on high for 45 minutes. Stir well and eat!!

Little Debbie’s Tip: If you don’t like spice then I recommend buying a mild can of Rotel. I bought both a mild can and a regular one and made two batches of this dip. I couldn’t eat more than one bite of the one made with the regular Rotel.


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